…but in here it’s quite delightful!


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Snow eh? Who would have though that frozen rain would fall on us in the winter? We hope that you have been enjoying the stunning Christmassy Comber countryside. Great weather for getting into the seasonal spirit. Well played the DOE for salting and clearing the roads.


We had quite a crowd in on Saturday – apologies for the wait to be served. Hopefully everyone got what they came for and we sent you away with a nicely parcelled gift. The craic was good and there was quite a few old friends meeting up under our roof. Really nice to see! We are open all this week so hopefully we can spend a bit more time with each of you lovely customers.


We were in over the weekend getting the place looking good and catching up on our last few commissioned jewellery pieces.  Sunday morning we were met with a surprise, a coincidental visit from a group of dog walkers / owners from our local Assisi (www.assisi-ni.org). Seemed rude not to get a photo of them all in front of the gallery! Plenty of wagging tails and Christmas jumpers! It looked like so much fun.