These are things of beauty. Swedish beauty.

We met Cecilia recently and were both struck by the design and quality of her leather bags. She is enthusiastic, cool, knowledgable and lovely to talk to. As a trained architect she brings a different aesthetic with a sense of build quality to her work. She understands construction and uses materials for strength but also to look good. Her inspiration comes from Swedish nature, Nordic handicraft and the urban structures that surround her. All items are hand made in Sweden from vegetable tanned leather, a natural material that ages with grace and tells a story.

True to Scandinavian design tradition she has one rule – keep it simple.

Cecilia likes to think of each bag going on a journey with its new owner, no two bags will ever be the same again, each carrying their own unique wear, colouration and markings. Her own bag has enjoyed hot summer holidays and endured snowy minus degree temperatures being carried around her home town in Sweden.

We have very limited numbers of these, if you want one…