We are very privileged to show some of the wonderful work of Peter Meanly PHd.

Peter is one of Northern Ireland’s most respected and knowledgeable ceramicists. He was head of Ceramics at the University of Ulster for 30 years, currently he is preparing an exhibition to be shown in his home town of Barnsley.

Peter, probably best know for his salt glazes, is represented in a wide range of international collections and museums across Ireland and the UK and in Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Spain – V&A London, Westerwald Museum Germany; and the National Ceramics Museum, Holland to mention just a few. This is a rare chance to see some of his work on home soil and possibly add to your own collection.

Peter said, “Nearly 50 years ago, upon graduation from the Royal College of Art, I found that I liked sticking bits of clay together. It still gives me a fantastic buzz. I know what I am looking for and I recognise it a little easier when I ‘see’ it. For the past 25 years, I have been a saltglaze teapot maker. Some of my pieces can even be used to make tea with, but with some it would be obtuse to try to do so. I make propositions which must contain and pour. They must be liftable and have a right to exist; an aesthetic harmony.”

We have a limited number of his pouring vessels and teapots in the gallery, if you want more information please do get in touch by email or telephone.