Strange times!


We hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these strange times.

We wanted to check in and say hello, we really miss the chat and craic seeing everyone in the shop. We’re staying closed until we are advised that we can open and then, only when we feel comfortable it is safe to do so. I’m afraid it could be some time still before we meet again.

In the meantime you might have noticed we have a simple little web shop opened on our website. We are dipping our toe into this new way of shopping with a view to expanding this area of our business. It’s not quite the same but we will endeavour to inject the same level of personal attention that we do in the gallery.

What have you been up to? I’m sure you are wondering when you pass the gallery, are they in there? Well, yes and no. Pam has been on a fast moving business conveyor belt since leaving art college so has delighted in being able to take some time and just be. Precious days have been enjoyed, slow living, taking time over basic tasks, reading, walking, cooking, movies, box sets, jigsaws and gardening. Oh her garden! She loves her garden. Pam can disappear into our modest little garden for hours at a time. With some guidance from doghouse pal Ann (The Uncommon Garden) she has been planning, planting, pruning and harvesting for all she is worth.

But as my mother says “there’s and end to everything, even a mouse’s tail”. Pam is at last back into the workshop and making items for the shop/website and fulfilling commission pieces. Not all the time though, there is still gardening to be done!

If you need any gifts or treats please get in touch through any of the usual methods or have a look at our website shop.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with words of encouragement and thank you to all our clients who are front line and essential workers.