Hello 2018!

We hope you all have had a great Christmas and a good break over the holidays.

As we end the year everyone always says to us, “Enjoy your well earned break in January..” Well, to dispel the myth we are having lie ins and couch surfing… Once we have our Christmas pudding down and the New Years champagne chugged we are on the road looking for new and exciting craft.

We hunt for new work all over so we can bring it home in time for our Spring Summer season. It seems our search area is expanding too, more Scandinavian products this year! While our aim is to find new products, we also are mindful of supporting our regular well-loved suppliers. We always try to find something that bit different from other shops and galleries so when you come to see us you will find products you won’t have seen before.

However it is a true saying ‘if you do something you love you won’t work a day in your life’. We think about this saying while standing on a far away freezing train platform at the crack of dawn. Hey ho, onwards towards opening, not long to go and so much still to do!