It’s a strange time…

We are always trying to give the best shopping experience to our lovely customers. It’s tricky in the current pandemic to have things as normal, so we’ve got a few ideas to help!


Sorry but I’m going to have to mention the ‘C’ word… Christmas is not that far away and we won’t be able to have the same flow of customers through our doors as usual under the current government restrictions. There is also the ever present threat of lock down again too. So, we are asking everyone to shop earlier than usual – just in case! Our new webshop is also available at – just click the button on the homepage to be directed to the shop. You can specify to have your gifts posted out, wrapped or not, or you can select to pick them up from the gallery at a time that suits you. 

We also would like to ask customers visiting the gallery, if possible, to buy their gifts and if you have a few that you want gift wrapped and the gallery is busy to then leave them with us and return at a time that suits to pick them up. We can then take our time to wrap and prepare your gifts when the gallery is quiet or after hours. This will save you waiting in the gallery and helps others get in out of the cold to do their shopping.

We use recycled wrapping paper that can be put in your compost heap, the labels are cardboard and the string is traditional garden twine.

If you want to speak to me about having a piece of jewellery specially made please give me a call so we can arrange an appointment where we can talk and take our time. 

For everyones safety we ask you wear a face covering while in the gallery and use the hand sanitiser as you come in. We’re doing our bit to make it as safe and friendly environment as we can for you. We wear a mask when we’re not behind our screens and we periodically wipe down door handles, rails etc throughout the day and do a good clean and floor wash every night.

We’re all trying to keep our businesses going and working through this situation as best we can, so any suggesting are welcome!

We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery this season,

Pam & Keith